Propel your profits by using data analysis to maximize revenues.

Increase Sales

Focus on your most profitable customers and capitalize on more opportunities.

Better Reputation

Take an active role in managing your business's reputation online.

Effective Marketing

Quit wasting money on marketing that doesn't produce actionable leads.

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Even small businesses can use data to make better decisions

Use technology to get results

We believe that data analytics shouldn’t be reserved for the biggest companies. Small businesses now have the ability to leverage technology to make data based decisions.

  • Call Tracking Lines
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Conversion Rates
  • Marketing Effectiveness

Better Reputation

Reputation management is not optional; especially for a service company. Customers are 3 times more likely to to tell someone about a bad experience than a good one. Stay on top of your reputation to get more new customers.

  • 80% won’t buy from a company with negative reviews.
  • Companies with 3 or more stars get 87% of the calls/clicks
  • When restaurants increased their rating by one star, they experienced as much as a 9% increase in revenue.

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Turbo Boosting Profits

First, an experienced business analyst takes a deep dive into current processes and results. They look for lost opportunities, underperforming marketing activities, and pinpointing which ticket items are the most profitable.

Second, those findings are used to improve processes, refocus marketing spend, and convert every opportunity for the most profitable ticket items into jobs.

Third, the results from those efforts are measured and recorded. The data demonstrates the value of the service Propel Profits provides in the most meaningful data point of all - $$$

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