Customer Service IS Sales

Did my CSR say that?

No, not YOUR CSR, some other CSR.  YOUR CSR books 86% of their calls, even though the industry average is about 33%.  They view every incoming phone call as a potential opportunity and take their role as the revenue drivers for your business very seriously.  So let’s look as some struggles other businesses have with their call takers.

The primary stumbling block that gets in the way of booking appointments is the CSR’s greatest asset, the reason they were hired, and what makes them best in class at serving the customers – – – they’re so darn nice.

We review hundreds of calls every month.  Several common scenarios occur every day that are potential opportunities allowed to slip out the door.  Some are funny, some just disappointing, but all are learning experiences!

The Wrong Number – Customer:  “Is this Bob’s Plumbing Co.?”  CSR:  “No, I’m afraid you have the wrong number.” Well, it might not be Bob’s, but if you do plumbing, why not try to discover if they have a current plumbing need that you could help with? 

The Cancelled Appointment – Customer:  “Hello, I had an appointment for tomorrow morning and I need to cancel it.”  CSR:  “Thanks for letting us know, I’ll take you off the schedule!”  This should always try to be rescheduled.  Finding out the reason for the cancellation and trying to save the appointment will result in more appointments. 

The Call Back – Customer:  “…Let me call you back.”  CSR:   “OK, Thanks for calling!”  Callers say this when they are not convinced that they need to book an appointment for the most convenient, valuable use of their time and money to resolve the problem that prompted them to call.  CSR Training experts in our industries recommend overcoming this objection by offering to follow up; offering an incentive to book now; and digging deeper to discover the root cause of the hesitation. 

Most call takers shrink and shiver when approached about “sales”.  In the home service industry it is easy to connect the dots between customer service and sales:

Allowing a consumer who called about a problem in their home to get off the phone without booking an appointment actually is a disservice to the consumer.  They are no closer to solving their problem than they were before they called. 

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